SMART CBS, which stands for SMART Consumer Billing System, is a versatile software designed to cater to the diverse billing needs of both businesses and consumers. With two versions available – a robust desktop application for both online and offline use and a user-friendly mobile application – SMART CBS offers a seamless billing experience for all.

Prime Functionalities In Smart CBS

  • User-centric registration
  • Tariff management for customized billing
  • Expense tracking for financial clarity
  • Effortless user search and connection list
  • Meter assignment and reading
  • Simplified bill generation and payment
  • Installment plans and meter management
  • Comprehensive consumer ledger

A Seamless Journey from Registration to Ledger

The journey begins with a user-friendly registration process, where individuals are categorized into roles, distinguishing between employees and end-users. During the registration process, essential details are captured, ensuring a secure and organized data repository. Then a setup is initialized, where small details are mentioned such as no. Of connected meters, active meters and vice versa. Customization is key, and SMART CBS excels in providing flexibility through its Tariff Management feature. Users can create slabs for billing and implement tariffs based on consumption ranges, ensuring fair and transparent billing practices. Tariff charges are applied universally, while slabs are applied on units consumed after from to range. The software also includes an expense management feature, allowing users to record and track various types of expenses within the system. This feature adds a layer of financial transparency, contributing to a comprehensive overview of financial activities. Finding specific users is a breeze with SMART CBS’s robust search functionality, enabling users to locate information based on the provided details. The connection list feature provides an overview of all connections within the system, ensuring quick access to vital information. Every consumer is seamlessly assigned a meter, and with user approval, the process moves forward seamlessly. Meter readings can be input manually or uploaded via Excel files, providing flexibility in data input. This critical step ensures accurate and up-to-date billing information. SMART CBS simplifies bill generation with a three-step process: Bill Settings, Tariff Implementation, and Meter Reading. Bills can be generated batch-wise, setup/substation-wise, meter-wise, or consumer-wise, providing adaptability to various billing scenarios. Due dates are automatically set based on bill settings, and the system calculates payable bills, late charges, and adjustments. For added convenience, SMART CBS allows users to opt for installment plans, offering flexibility in managing payments. In case of meter issues, users can request replacements or disconnections, ensuring the continued accuracy of billing information. The Consumer Ledger feature consolidates all relevant data, including bills, late charges, adjustments, and payments, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their financial interactions with the system.


In short, SMART CBS is not just a billing system; it’s a comprehensive solution that enhances the efficiency and transparency of consumer billing processes. From user registration to bill generation and beyond, SMART CBS is designed to simplify complex billing operations, ensuring a seamless experience for both businesses and consumers.

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