Introducing the “Bus Ticketing” system, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and simplify the process of managing bus seat reservations at bus stations. This innovative project is built on a robust technology stack, combining Angular, Ionic 5,, and MS SQL for a seamless and efficient user experience.

At the core of this system is a user-friendly dashboard that captures the essence of a bus layout, making seat management visually intuitive and engaging. The system is primarily operated by authorised officers at bus stations, and access is secured through a PIN number, ensuring confidentiality and security in seat allocation.

The system begins with the creation of routes and buses. Officers can effortlessly set up routes by specifying details such as bus number or name, seat charges, and the total number of seats available on a bus. Once a route is created, it is displayed in a modal alongside other buses, providing a comprehensive overview for the officer. The next crucial step involves initializing the route, where officers define the journey specifics, such as the origin and destination, the assigned bus, and the departure time. This step ensures accurate scheduling and efficient management of bus services.

Customers are welcomed with a straightforward booking process. When a customer approaches the officer to reserve or book seats, the officer collects essential information like the customer’s name, phone number, and CNIC. If the customer opts for seat booking, the officer can click on the desired seats, marking them as either booked or reserved based on the customer’s payment preference—cash or reservation. Visual cues on the dashboard represent the status of each seat, with booked seats adorned in a distinctive red circle and reserved seats in yellow. The dynamic display provides a quick overview of the seat occupancy status, allowing officers to manage availability effectively.

Upon completing the booking, the system generates a printed ticket for the customer, specifying the occupied seat numbers. This tangible token serves as both a confirmation for the customer and a reference for the bus ticket taker. The dashboard dynamically updates to reflect the total number of seats booked and available, offering real-time insights into bus occupancy. To facilitate administrative tasks, the system generates detailed reports, outlining the seats occupied and other relevant statistics. These reports empower bus ticket takers to handle customer queries and verify seat reservations efficiently. The flexibility to edit or delete route and bus information ensures that officers can adapt to changing circumstances and maintain accurate records.

In summary, the “Bus Ticketing” system revolutionizes the bus seat reservation process by combining cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface. From creating and managing routes to easily serving customers, this software provides a holistic solution for bus station officers, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s the visually appealing dashboard, the seamless booking process, or the detailed reports, every aspect of this system is meticulously designed to elevate the bus ticketing experience.

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